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The following tips are designed to help you reduce your debt quickly and economically.

Create a Budget and Stick with It

Your budget should include all of your current expenses. Download a Personal Budget Planner for more information on creating a budget. 

Don't Borrow Additional Money to Pay off Debts or Bills

Just don’t do it.

Cut Expenses

Get this number by analyzing your budget and determining where reductions can be made (e.g., eating out, buying snacks and lunch at work, going to the movies, etc.). Once you have determined how much you plan to cut, use this "found" money to pay down the balances on your debts.

Optimize Your Monthly Payment

Pay the maximum amount towards your highest interest rate debts. Pay the minimum amount on all other debts.

Ask for Reduced Interest Rates

Some creditors, especially credit card companies, will reduce your interest rates if you just call and ask. If you receive offers for other credits cards with lower interest rates in the mail, use those offers as leverage when you are re-negotiating your rates with your current creditors.

Set Goals and Priorities

Determine what's important. When you prepare to buy something ask yourself if this purchase is in line with the priorities you have set, and will it help you reach your goal or delay it.

Crunch the Numbers

Download Vertex42’s Debt Reduction Calculator for free. This calculator helps you determine the amounts you should be paying towards each of your debts and calculates the money you will save by paying your debts in the recommended order. Additionally, the program tells you when each of your debts will be paid off.